Trinity Lubes & Greases open blending plant in UAE

Trinity Lubes & Greases FZC UAE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s Siddharth Grease and Lubes Pvt. Ltd., has opened a fully automated lubricant and grease blending plant in the inner port of Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA), UAE.

The plant was inaugurated by India’s Petroleum Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri Ji. With the plant spread over an area of 12500 Sqm, it has an annual capacity of 36,000 KL of lubricants and 12,000 MT of greases.

Products manufactured at the plant are both automotive and industrial lubricants and greases. Trinity Lubes & Greases plant is strategically located on the harbour and is sitting in the middle of some of the biggest base oil providers, adding value to the supply chain. More so, due to this prime location, there is access for barges to load and offload products.

Siddharth Sachdeva, Managing Director of the Executive Board of Trinity Lubes and Grease said, “Sharjah suits our needs the best. We are currently in Hamriyah Free Zone which is the petrochemical gateway to the world. In our facility here, there is a ship dock. This kind of strategic location was very suitable to the kind of product offerings that we have as it helps not only from a supply chain perspective but also loading direct barges or ships from our factory. This is a key differentiator we have compared to our competitors.”

Trinity Lubes & Greases is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siddharth Grease & Lubes, India. Siddharth Grease & Lubes was established in 1988 as Siddharth Petro Product and became Siddharth Grease and Lubes Pvt. Ltd. in 2012. It currently has four lubricants manufacturing plants in India.