About Us

Lubezine is a pan-African magazine dedicated to Africa’s lubricants and lubrication industry with a global outlook. Founded in 2009 in recognition of Africa as the next growth frontier for the lubricants market, Lubezine’s objective is to cater for the needs of maintenance personnel as well as those of lubricant marketers, additives and base oils suppliers.

Buoyed by enthusiastic reception of its first edition, Lubezine has continued to live up to its reputation, consistently providing the market with the latest technology information, market news and analysis.

Thanks to its wide readership profile within the continent and beyond, Lubezine is arguably one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers in the African market, ranging from commercial end-users, lubricants blenders and distributors.

Every quarter, the magazine rolls off the press, packed with the latest technical information and news insights, effectively keeping Africa’s lubrication needs in focus. The magazine continues to attract more readers and advertisers on account of its reliability and focus on the most important industry developments.

Lubezine, a one-stop information source and gateway to the African lubricants market, is published quarterly in both print and digital(online) versions. Lube Post newsletter is published monthly.


Our mission is to provide lubrication solutions in a professional manner following the best practices. Our vision is to be the most comprehensive lubricants company in Kenya and the African region.


Lubezine is published on a quarterly basis

Issue January – March
Ad copy deadline 3th March
Print date 10th March
Issue April – June
Ad copy deadline 5th June
Print date 10th June
Issue July – September
Ad copy deadline 4th September
Print date 9th September
Issue Oct – December
Ad copy deadline 2nd December
Print date 7th December