Lubrizol and Intel launches an immersion fluid

Lubrizol and Intel have jointly launched CompuZol™ immersion fluid solutions, which will be warrantied on Intel Xeon® and Core™ microarchitectures.

The CompuZol™ immersion cooling fluid addresses the limitations of air-cooled methods in data centres by delivering increased thermal management capabilities and enabling increased infrastructure density.

“The launch of CompuZol™ and partnership with Intel is part of a multi-year effort to improve power consumption in data centres throughout the world,” said Deb Langer, Senior Vice President, Corporate Ventures at Lubrizol. “We have come together to collaborate with industry partners, Submer; a constructor of data centres and GRC, to develop an industry solution working very closely with leading OEMs.”
“This relationship with Lubrizol and integration of CompuZol™ into our process is part of a multiyear engineering validation and optimization engagement to drive transformational change in the efficiencies of next-generation data centres. The opportunity to unlock energy efficiency and ultimately energy re-use is a powerful sustainability story moving forward,” said Mohan Kumar, an Engineer at Intel.