Vivo Energy Uganda launches a lubricants educational campaign for motorists

Vivo Energy Uganda has launched a campaign dubbed BeeraMuClass to educate and empower motorists to make informed decisions about the best motor engine oils featuring Shell Helix and Shell Rimula. The campaign will entail a series of countrywide auto clinics offering professional car diagnostics, attractive customer rewards and expert tips on car maintenance from credible and reputable authorities.

“Many motorists don’t have any idea what the best oil for their vehicle is. More often than not, motor engine oil decisions are left to mechanics or are made based on price. Unfortunately, this has long term implications for vehicles and can result in under-performance or even damage that may be extremely costly to fix or irreparable. Through this campaign, we intend to empower customers to make decisions from a value-based perspective. By understanding motor engine oils and understanding their benefits, you are then able to know which oil is best for your car,” said Alex Tusingwire, Lubes Manager, Vivo Energy Uganda.

“For 14 years in a row, Shell has been ranked the world’s leading global lubricants supplier for offering top-notch motor engine oils. Innovation, product application and technical collaboration are at the heart of Shell lubricants. Customer benefits include lower maintenance costs, longer equipment life and reduced energy consumption. Unfortunately, many of our motorists are not armed with the knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions regarding engine oils. Now is the time to change that,” said Moses Kebba, Marketing Manager, Vivo Energy Uganda.

In addition to the planned engagements under the campaign, Lubes Specialists are available at Shell stations around the country to provide relevant customer support.