Shell & Vivo Lubricants unveils Eco-friendly lubricant packaging

Vivo Energy’s joint venture lubricants blending plant: Shell & Vivo Lubricants (SVL) has teamed up with Blowplast and Mr. Green to launch eco-friendly packaging for the Shell-branded lubricants. The new pails are made using Post-Consumer Recycled materials (PCR) which promotes sustainability and reduces carbon emissions.

The 1 litre packs are made with 30% recycled PCR and 70% virgin plastic. Mr. Green Africa collects plastics and processes them into pellets before they are mixed with virgin material at the Blowplast plant to make the lubricant containers.

During the unveiling of the packaging, the General Manager of Shell & Vivo Lubricants Kenya, Mr. Phelix Ogolla, addressed the importance of running a sustainable and responsible business. “As part of our journey to be responsible to the environment, we have been exploring what we need to do with our packing to run a sustainable business that is sensitive to the environment and respects the communities we exist in. Therefore, one of the initiatives we started was to review the content of our specifications in our plastic packaging in line with the Shell guidelines, the output being that we have now partnered with Blowplast and Mr. Green Africa to use post-consumer recycled material in our plastic packs to deliver that sustainability goal.”

The Country CEO Kenya at Mr. Green Trading Africa Kenya Ltd., Sonia Orwa, said: “This is a great moment not only for Mr. Green, Blowplast, and SVL but for the world. We all know we have an enormous plastic challenge, and what we are doing today is to show that we are acting, and not just printing stories on our websites, that we are really taking the plastics in the environment and bringing it back and giving it a new life. For Mr. Green, it is an inspiring moment because this is 30% recycled PCR in this new Shell package. I think we are cleaning the environment and the world knows we need to, but even more so, we are giving livelihoods to many people.”