Eurol launches food grade and biodegradable lubricants

Eurol Lubricants has launched a food grade lubricant Eurol Lube PL FD and a biodegradable lubricant Eurol Lube PL BIO, which are an addition to the Eurol Lube PL range of lubricants. The Eurol Lube PL range contains dry lubricants that are non-drip and they displace moisture, resist water and loosen corroded parts. This range is suitable for open lubrication points like joints, bearings, hinges, cables and conveyors.

Eurol Lube PL FD is made with Eurol SYNGIS Technology which ensures that lubricating and protective properties are maintained in extreme conditions. It also ensures the lowest possible friction and strong protective properties.  The food grade lubricant is also NSF H1 certified, making it suitable for incidental food contact. This makes it an applicable food-grade lubricant suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, agriculture, and horticulture.

Eurol Lube PL BIO is a plant-derived lubricant that is readily biodegradable.

At the same time, Eurol is introducing an automatic “Refill Aerosol Station,” which allows the Specialty series of Eurol Lube PL to be used in a sustainable, refillable air-pressure spray bottle. The Refill Aerosol Station aligns with Eurol’s aiming to promote sustainability and significantly reduce waste.