Rymax Lubricants to be available in Sierra Leone through a distributor

Rymax Lubricants B.V. has appointed Khalil Fadi Autospares as the official exclusive distributor of Rymax Lubricants in Sierra Leone.

Khalil Fadi Autospares started in 2012 as a small automotive parts supplier in Sierra Leone. It has grown over the years to be one of the major players in the automotive and industrial supply sector. Currently, Khalil Fadi Autospares, is a one-stop destination for a wide range of products, including Automotive and Heavy-Duty lubricants, Car SUV TBR and OTR TIRES, Protective Workwear, Genuine Toyota Parts, Heavy Duty Tools, Power Tools, and Welding Equipment. It serves some government departments and mining companies.

“The partnership between Khalil Fadi Autospares and Rymax Lubricants is not only very promising, but it also feels very natural,” stated Khalil Shour, one of the owners of Khalil Fadi Autospares. “Both our companies pursue the highest level of product quality but will also go the extra mile in servicing the customer with excellent guidance, after-sales and support.”

Rymax’s Commercial Director and owner Erik Vermeer added: “Khalil Fadi Autospares has a noticeable history in working with high-end international brands, operating a successful business and facilitating growth and values we can identify with and find necessary in a partner to expand our business. Rymax Lubricants is a strong brand that we have built ambitiously through the years. We feel that Khalil Fadi Autospares is the ideal partner to fuel our expansion in the region and we are very happy to have them as partners.”

Rymax has a product portfolio from passenger car and heavy-duty engine oils, to gear oils and fluids for automotive and industrial applications. Motorcycle, marine, industrial, agricultural, mining and hydraulic lubricants and fluids are also part of what Rymax is offering, as well as a variety of aerosols and additives. A selection of these products will be available in Sierra Leone through the new distributor.