Gulf Oil launches a range of EV fluids

India’s lubricants manufacturer, Gulf Oil International has introduced a new line of lubricants for Electric Vehicles. The Gulf EV Fluids range has an EV transmission fluid, EV brake fluid and EV coolant fluid. This range has products for a hybrid Electric Vehicle and a full Electric Vehicle.

For the hybrid EV lubricants, the range has Gulf Formula Hybrid 0W-20, Gulf Hybrid DCT and Gulf Hybrid ATF. Gulf Formula Hybrid 0W-20 engine oil has been developed to hold water molecules in suspension and prevent them from separating, keeping the engine protected and running at peak performance.

Gulf Hybrid DCT and Gulf Hybrid ATF are advanced synthetic transmission fluids that are formulated to manage friction and control heat in hybrid engines and gears. Transmission fluids for hybrid cars deliver smooth consistent performance with efficient cooling and enhanced wear protection.

For the full electric lubricants, the range has Gulf eLEC Advanced Brake Fluid, Gulf eLEC Advanced Coolant and Gulf eLEC Driveline Advanced Axle Fluid.

Regenerative braking in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) places extreme temperature demands on key braking systems, accelerating wear. Gulf eLEC Advanced Brake Fluid, with its high performance polyglycol formulation, has been developed for superior braking performance in electric vehicles, even at high boiling point.

High running temperatures can cause car batteries to overheat, reducing battery capacity and driving range. Gulf eLec Advanced coolant, helps keep EV batteries cool and maintain the right temperature; consequently, preserving performance under extreme conditions.

The entire product range offers Improved fuel economy, Reduced CO2 emissions and Extended battery life.