Univar Solutions strengthen partnership with Solvay in China.

Univar Solutions has announced an agreement with Solvay to grow their partnership to avail a range of lubricants and metalworking fluids additives in the Eastern China.

During the announcement, the Global Vice President of Lubricants and Metalworking Fluids for Univar Solutions said: “Leveraging the longtime partnership between our companies, we are excited to strengthen and diversify our presence in the Asia Pacific region, where strategic growth opportunities for customers, suppliers, and specialty chemical and ingredient distributors abound.”

“Univar Solutions has the sales, product, and logistics experience, along with technical expertise and leadership in the lubricants and metalworking fluids industry to truly support Solvay’s portfolio of innovative and reliable materials that exceed expectations for performance, safety, and sustainability.” He added.

Consumers in the Eastern China seeking to optimize the long-term performance of metal services will access a wide range of Solvay’s specialty ingredients which range from industrial metal cleaning additives to friction modifiers and biodegradable metal treatment.

Matthias Braem, Vice President, Coatings and Industrial at Solvay said: “At Solvay, our specialty lubricant and metalworking fluid additives contribute to outstanding mechanical performance and efficiency while helping formulators meet today’s customers’ demands for product sustainability. With Univar Solutions sharing our commitment to innovation and performance while also advancing more sustainable solutions, we are excited to move forward together and successfully serve our customers in the Asia Pacific region.”