Puma Energy Launches lubricants in Botswana

Puma Energy Botswana has officially launched Puma lubricants in the country and they will be available at the 43 Puma Energy service stations across Botswana. The launch marks the first time Puma Energy’s range of premium quality lubricants will be available at all Puma Energy sites in the country.

Puma Lubricants will be available in the 43 service stations within the country, and there will be trained lubricants specialists at these stations to advise customers on the best lubricants for their vehicles.

Speaking at the launch, Puma Energy Botswana Managing Director Dominic Dhanah said: “The roll out of Puma lubricants in Botswana signifies an important milestone which embodies what Puma Energy stands for: excellence and quality. Today, we are proud to officially bring to Botswana our best-in-class lubricants that ensure longer engine life at competitive pricing.”

Puma Energy Botswana’s Head of Lubricants Eric Tebogo said: “Our lubricants are specially formulated and approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and cut across a wide range of applications, from light duty to heavy duty equipment across all sectors. We have now migrated our retail sites to Puma lubricants and all customers will experience our high-quality Puma branded lubricants. Our retail stations now have lubricants specialists who are trained to offer better technical support to our customers.”

At the launch event, Puma showcased three of its lubricants for vehicles: GT Plus 5W-40, a fully synthetic multigrade oil specially formulated for petrol and diesel engines; EXTRA 10W-40, a semi synthetic multigrade long drain oil and Puma Super 20W-50 a multigrade mineral oil.