Shell Helix auto clinics -Vivo energy and Renault Uganda

Initiated in 2017, Shell Helix has once again returned for the 3rd time in a row to provide motorists with auto clinics at their nearest Shell outlets in Uganda.

This time, the partnership with Authorized car branded company-Renault, Uganda. The motorists will have their cars worked on by experts in the modern engine technology.

Speaking at the launch of the Shell Helix auto clinics, at Shell Bugolobi (Uganda), Alex Tusingwire, Vivo brand manager, Lubricants revealed that most motorists in Kampala and Uganda, in general, do not know the kind of oil that their engines require or what role it plays.

“The knowledge level on lubricants for motorists in Kampala and Uganda, in general, is extremely limited, most of the motorists who drive cars today, do not know what role oils play in their engines or what of oil their engines require.”

Alex cited that the purpose of the auto clinics is to equip motorists with knowledge of different oils and the benefits it brings to their engines.

“The main purpose of these auto clinics is to educate motorists, let them know the kind of oil that they need to be using on their engines”, added Alex.

Shell has been bringing franchised workshops in the market which have been authorized to sell banded vehicles by global car brands such as Renault, which according to Shell is exclusively using Shell Helix motor oils to service their cars.