Fuchs launches premium zinc-free gas engine oil

Fuchs Lubricants has developed and launched Itan Ganymet Ultra -a premium gas engine oil that the company said it combines selected premium base oils with specially optimized zinc-free additives.

Fuchs recommends the new oil for the application with natural gas as well as with aggressive gases (sewage gas, landfill gas, biogases, and wood gases). This zinc- free product with medium sulfated ash content is suitable for all types of stationary gas engines.

According to Fuchs, the zinc-free additive technology offers very high wear and corrosion protection together with a reliable anti-aging and acid neutralization capacity so that also in operation with the most aggressive gases an outstanding performance and a high degree of resistance against nitration and oxidation (oil aging and thickening) is maintained. In addition, the formation of sludge, deposits, corrosion, and wear are effectively prevented.

“Constant operation surveillance together with regular oil analyses is recommended in order to achieve maximum oil drain intervals. Manufacturer’s specifications have to be obeyed carefully,” explained Fatima Moolla, Product Manager Automotive, Fuchs Lubricants SA.

Titan Ganymet Ultra has been approved by GE Jenbacher in gas class A for series 2, 3, 4 (version B) and 6 (version C and E). In gas class B the product is approved for series 2 and 3. Titan Ganymet Ultra is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gas engine oils.

However, the manufacturer has cautioned against mixing with other gas engine oils in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits.