Oman Oil launches new lubricant packaging across all markets

Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) has refreshed its lubricant packaging and launched a more visible and eco-friendly solution.

Oman Oil Lubricants is among the leading lubricant brands in Omani, and they have been servicing the automotive, commercial, and industrial segments for over a decade, expanding into other international markets.

Tariq bin Mohammed Al Junaidi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Oil Marketing Company, said, “We will continue to innovate and improve our offerings, including Oman Oil lubricants, to ensure they remain a trusted and popular choice for our customers and meet their expectations. Regarding our lubricant packaging, the most essential element is the user experience. We have shifted towards even more innovative, meaningful and eco-friendly solutions to keep up with market demand. Our latest packaging marks a new era for our quality lubricants and improves our visibility locally and in our markets abroad.”

Oman’s fuel marketing company sells its petroleum-based lubricants in the Middle East and Northern African (MENA) region and parts of Asia. As part of its expansion strategy, Oman has a presence in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, and they are increasing the service stations available to customers in these countries.