BASF and Lubrizol sign production and distribution agreement

BASF Corporation and The Lubrizol Corporation have signed a license agreement to produce and distribute selected EMGARD® and Plurasafe® industrial lubricant products. The licensing agreement includes the following BASF products: EMGARD 2946; EMGARD CL 4046, 4068; EMGARD EP WG 680; EMGARD HT CL 5220, 5320; Plurasafe CL 6032, 6046, 6068; Plurasafe P 44; Plurasafe WGF 200 E. Effective April 1, 2024, licensed products will be marketed under Lubrizol’s CPI Fluid Engineering brand.

“With Lubrizol, we have found the right company to license these industrial lubricant products that address specific customer requirements,” said Brian Lieberman, Vice President of Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at BASF.

“BASF and Lubrizol’s agreement represents both organizations’ strong commitment to the markets and customers and will further enhance and expand Lubrizol’s extensive current portfolio of Industrial Lubricants,” said Michael Brubaker, Vice President of Lubrizol Fluid Engineering. “Lubrizol remains committed to providing the highest level of support and quality of products that our customers have come to know and expect.”

The Fuel and Lubricant Solutions unit of BASF Corporation is a supplier to the transportation and mineral oil industries worldwide. Offerings cover fuel performance packages, refinery additives, polyisobutenes, engine coolants (Glysantin® brand), and brake fluids, as well as lubricant additives, finished lubricants, synthetic base stocks, and components for metalworking fluids.