Motiva to supply S-Oil base oil in North America

Motiva Enterprises announced a Group III base oil supply agreement with Aramco’s base oil, affiliate S-Oil Corporation in North America. Motiva replaces Phillips 66 Company which was previously the exclusive distributor for S-Oil ULTRA-S Group III base oils in North America.

As per the agreement, Motiva will assume all North American marketing, sales, and distribution of Group III base oils produced by S-Oil. Motiva will market the S-Oil products under the aramcoULTRA brand name.

“The agreement solidifies Motiva as the face of Aramco base oils sales in the Americas, advancing a brand strategy that all Aramco-produced base oils are marketed exclusively by affiliates,” said Motiva Base Oils Director Colleen Murphy-Smith.  “The deal enhances Motiva’s existing product portfolio and allows us to offer our customers even greater value.”

Motiva dates back to 100 years with 2,500 employees in the US and it is a wholly-owned affiliate of Saudi Aramco.

S-Oil Corporation started its operations in 1976. The company has facilities that produce lube base oil, petrochemical products, and crude oil refining facilities.