Castrol launches Castrol ON e-thermal fluid

Castrol has launched a direct cooling dielectric e-thermal fluid for electric vehicles, adding to the recently launched Castrol ON e-fluids range for EVs which already has e-transmission fluids and e-greases.

The use of Castrol ON e-thermal fluid allows EV batteries to be charged more rapidly. Castrol further added that The new Castrol ON e-thermal fluid also ensures potential technical problems within the battery module can be better managed. For example, overcharging or short-circuiting in an EV powertrain can lead to a thermal runaway, where high temperatures cause irreversible failure to individual battery cells.

“We’re undertaking extensive testing of the new direct Castrol ON e-thermal fluid to ensure it provides high levels of performance, protection and sustainability, throughout the life of the battery,” said Dr Marc Payne, Castrol’s EV fluids Research Manager. “The increased power density that can be enabled through the application of direct battery cooling will allow manufacturers to develop EVs with even greater performance and much improved fast-charging capabilities. While direct e-thermal fluids currently only feature in high-profile hybrid and battery-EV (BEV) hypercars, we expect the technology to ‘trickle down’ and be widely adopted in future generations of volume-selling EVs.”

Castrol is part of the BP group and serves customers and consumers in the automotive, industrial, and marine and energy sectors in over 120 countries.