GS Caltex launches lubricants for EV vehicles

GS Caltex; a South Korean based oil marketing company has launched Kixx EV, a lubricant brand exclusively for electric vehicles. The range has transmission fluids with integrated gear reducer and coolants for the batteries.

GS Caltex has already completed the development of transmission fluids and is developing the coolants. GS Caltex plans to complete the development of eco-friendly lubricants and eco-friendly product containers made using bio-materials throughout the year.

An official from GS Caltex said, “to respond to the rapidly changing eco-friendly mobility market, we will continue our efforts to develop lubricant products for electric vehicles, starting with Kixx HYBRID, an engine oil for hybrid vehicles launched last year. We will also continue our development efforts to actively produce eco-friendly lubricants.”

“GS Caltex has participated in a consortium for the development of lubricants for electric vehicles hosted by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), a US research institute based in Texas, and is developing various lubricants for electric vehicles at a global level. In addition, GS Caltex is supplying transmission lubricants to domestic electric vehicle manufacturers based on this technology,” said GS Caltex.

GS Caltex has been manufacturing and selling lubricants since 1969. The Kixx lubricant brand is currently being sold in 66 countries globally.