FUCHS expands carbon neutrality scope to cover non-production facilities and joint ventures

FUCHS PETROLUB SE has announced that all non-production subsidiaries and all joint ventures will now also be included in FUCHS’ carbon neutrality – irrespective of the stake held by FUCHS. The FUCHS Group has been operating on a carbon-neutral basis at all manufacturing subsidiaries since 2020.

“We consider it extremely important to further improve our corporate carbon footprint and thereby fulfil our responsibility for global climate protection. Therefore, with effect from the beginning of 2021, the company has not only been including its manufacturing companies in the calculation and compensation of its carbon footprint, but also the non-producing subsidiaries, as well as all joint ventures,” said Stefan Fuchs, Chairman of the Executive Board at FUCHS PETROLUB SE.

“While joint ventures are typically only included in compensation measures at the level of equity share, FUCHS has chosen to adopt a different approach: Irrespectively of the actual stake held in a joint venture, FUCHS includes 100% of its emissions. By taking this voluntary step, we want to show just how seriously we take our sustainability goals, while also underlining the importance of maximum transparency and credibility of our carbon balancing measures,” said Markus Garb, Vice President Sustainability.

FUCHS is planning to extend its carbon neutrality scope even further from 2025 onwards when it will also include the entire upstream supply chain (cradle-to-gate). To achieve this, extensive preparations are needed throughout the entire lubricants sector. This also includes activities with associations supporting the drafting of respective standards. FUCHS is actively contributing to this development.

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