FUCHS Group acquires LUBCON company

The FUCHS Group has agreed to acquire the international LUBCON Group to innovate and advance high-quality specialty lubrication solutions jointly. The family-run German company that operates out of Maintal in Hessen, Germany, has many years of experience and expertise in developing, manufacturing, selling, and distributing greases, oils, and pastes. 

The LUBCON Group has five production locations in Germany, Poland, the Philippines, India, and the US. The company’s products are used in various sectors, including the railway, roller bearings, paper, textiles, food, pharmaceutical and wind industries.

“I feel confident that we can tap the growth potential of the LUBCON Group even more effectively on a global scale with the FUCHS network of 55 companies and 33 production facilities. We consider it extremely important to find the right partner for this and look forward to growing with FUCHS and safeguarding our future. As lubricant specialists, we operate in the same field and are family-run enterprises, strengthening our common values,” commented Heiko Engelke, Managing Partner of the LUBCON Group.

“With the acquisition of the LUBCON Group, we see a great opportunity for our future development. We’re not only gaining a team of highly qualified employees with extensive technological expertise but also extending our product portfolio, particularly in the field of industrial lubricants and greases. This not only strengthens our existing key markets but also enables us to penetrate new sales markets. We feel certain that this strategic decision will further reinforce our position as the leading supplier in the industry,” added Stefan Fuchs, Chairman of the Executive Board at FUCHS SE.

The transaction is still pending approval from the authorities. However, the parties anticipate closing the deal in the third quarter of 2024.

The LUBCON Group employs 211 staff members, 180 in EMEA, 20 in Asia-Pacific, and 11 in the Americas. In 2023, the company recorded sales revenue of around EUR 40 million.