Etu Energias launches lubricants in Angola 

Etu Energias an Angolan private oil company has launched a line a lubricants. Etu Energias partnered with Glide Technology Sdn Bhd Malaysia to produce these lubricants that will cater to the needs of the different market segments in Angola. The line of lubricants has seven products for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, marine vessels, industrial machinery, energy production units, mining operations and special applications.

“Designed to redefine performance and reliability in the lubricants market, the new line of lubricants not only provides exceptional performance but is also designed with sustainability in mind. It promotes fuel consumption efficiency, reduces emissions and minimizes environmental impact, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for everyone,” said Etu Energias. 

While launching the new line of lubricants, Etu Energias also signed a memorandum with Glide Technology to construct a lubricant blending plant in Angola and ensure a continued supply of the Etu Energias lubricant brand in the country. The plant is expected to have a monthly capacity of 1,000 tonnes, and the investment to construct it is estimated to be five million US dollars, with construction plans set to begin in 2025. 

The company highlighted that the launch of these lubricants is the beginning of its ambition to expand the downstream sector. Through the production of lubricants locally, Etu Energias hopes to meet the local lubricant demand.  

ETU Energias main activities are in the areas of import, export, storage, distribution, marketing, and transport of petroleum derivative products, lubricants, and cooking gas, as well as the logistics activities of loading, distribution, and marketing of petroleum-derivative products to vessels.