AFAL officially launches production of Caltex lubricants in East Africa

AFAL Manufacturing Limited (AML) has officially launched the production of Chevron lubricants in East Africa. This comes after the signing of a long-term license agreement with Chevron Brands International LLC in September.

The Caltex branded lubricants that will be locally manufactured, marketed and distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are Delo and Havoline. Consequently, AFAL has changed its name to Caltex Lubricants East Africa.

Rochna Kaul, Vice President, fuels and lubricants, for Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia said, “Since 2013 after re-entering the African market through our distributor AFAL, we have seen demand for our products grow increasingly, and AFAL has been strong in penetrating the market and reaching the customers. To be able to grow with the growth rate of the region which is 3-4%, we need to get stronger with our presence by making sure our products are locally manufactured and readily available. The Agreement with AFAL gives them exclusive rights to represent the Chevron lubricant brand in Kenya and the neighbouring markets. This means that our customers will easily access our products that are relevant to this market and we shall hold ourselves to quality standards and OEM requirements that you expect from the Chevron brand. We will continue being a seamless partner to AFAL to ensure they have access to the best technology for continued growth in this important geography.”

“The partnership between AFAL and Chevron will immensely contribute to the country’s implementation of the Big Four Agenda by raising the share of the manufacturing sector in GDP to 15% by 2022. The government will continue to implement tax policies that will not only expand the tax base for domestic resource mobilization but also that promote a friendly working environment for all players. The government is committed to creating an enabling environment for you to thrive as you launch production in the country. We will further put in place policies that are investor-friendly that will propel Kenya to a global and regional investment hub,” said Treasury Chief Administrative Secretary Eric Wafukho.