YANA OIL launches SparkX 4T and TukEX (Two and three-wheeler lubricants)

YANA OIL LIMITED, a member of Sameer Group formerly Sepyana Oil East Africa Ltd has launched a range of lubricants for two and three-wheelers in Kenya. The ranges are TukEX for three-wheelers and SparkX 4T for two-wheelers.

These lubricants which have been manufactured in their lubes blending plant, based in Nairobi, KENYA (At Sameer Business Complex), have been developed to cater for the needs of the Kenyan motorcycle and Tuk-tuk market and ensure high performance. Their key features include excellent resistance to oxidation, high viscosity index, viscosity stability in operation while also containing anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-rusting and anti-foaming properties as stated by Yana Oil.

Commenting on the launch of these products, Jitesh Barot, the Sales and Business Development Manager said, “Yana Oil products have been proudly made in Kenya, to promote the buy Kenya build Kenya slogan while meeting the international standards of product quality. The launching of Yana Oil is also geared towards creating employment opportunities in Kenya and beyond, given that we are planning to expand our operations by exporting our products in the East African region and setting up a grease plant in Kenya possibly by the end of 2021.”

Apart from the two and three-wheelers range of lubricants, YANA OIL also has a wide range of other Automotive, Industrial and Speciality lubricants, i.e. Diesel and Petrol engine oils, Auto Gear Oils, (ATF) Transmission Oils and Brake fluids. Industrial lubricants range entails Hydraulic Oil, Soluble Cutting Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, High-temperature Greases and Compressor Oil and much more. Lastly, its range of speciality lubricants includes Spindle Oil, Copper Drawing Oil and Calibration Oil.

YANA OIL also imports and sells base oil in bulk, besides offering toll blending services to some of the local manufacturers at its blending plant which has a capacity of 20 million litres per year.