Vivo Energy Mauritius launches three new lubricants as it marks 13 years of operation

Vivo Energy Mauritius, the distributor of Shell-branded lubricants, has added three new lubricants to its product line in the Shell Helix and Rimula ranges as it marks 13 years of operation in the country. The products are Shell Helix Ultra SAE 0W-20 engine oil, Shell Helix Ultra ECT SAE 5W-30 C3 and Rimula Synthetic SAE 10W-40.

According to the company, Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 engine oil is compatible with hybrid vehicles, petrol engines requiring grades 0W-20 and 5W-20 grades. Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 C3 is suitable for gasoline and diesel vehicles that recommend using a low SAPS which essentially means having a low level of Sulphate ash, phosphorus and Sulphur in the product. Rimula Synthetic 10W-40 is a 100% synthetic oil formulated for diesel or heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trucks or construction machinery. They further stated that the products had been designed to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance fuel economy.

Matthias de Larminat Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius said that lubricant users in Mauritius are conscious of the quality of products hence innovation of new and better products is imperative to keep them in the competitive market. “As the automotive oil and lubricant market in Mauritius is small and ultra-competitive, it is imperative to constantly adapt our offering to meet automotive innovations and the expectations of users increasingly concerned about the health of their vehicles. We are confident that users will be able to provide this new generation of engine oils with a welcome that lives up to Shell’s reputation.”

Bernard Domingue, Lubricants Manager at Vivo Energy Mauritius further emphasized the need of using a quality lubricant on the engine. “An engine is small, but at the same time it is powerful, so the choice of the right lubricant is crucial for the proper operation of the engine and its components.”

Vivo Energy said these products would be available in the market through licensed dealers, speciality shops and garages and the Shell network of gas stations.