Texaco Lubricants introduces E-fluids

Texaco Lubricants, part of the Chevron family of brands, is adding a new range of electric fluids (e-fluids) into its product line. The e-fluids range is being added to Texaco’s portfolio of products to support the growing electric vehicle market. In line with the company’s aim to lower the carbon intensity of its operations and grow lower carbon businesses, renewable base oils will be implemented into the e-fluids range to help reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of the business’s product offerings.

The new e-fluids range will have heavy-duty diesel e-fluids available for use in commercial vehicles. Texaco is also developing a low-conductive coolant for both automotive and industrial applications while concurrently developing a bespoke e-grease portfolio of products.

The e-fluids will be integrated into vehicles at the manufacturers’ factories. Aftermarket specifications of the Texaco Lubricants e-fluids range will not be available, which seems to lean towards original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partnerships.

Multiple factors, including technological advancements and legislative changes, such as the upcoming bans on the sale of new petrol, diesel, and, in some cases, hybrid vehicles in many countries across Europe have driven Texaco’s e-fluid development.

Paul Van de Ven, Chevron’s Regional Product Line Manager, said, “We cannot deny the importance of the ongoing evolution of the electric vehicle market and the electrification of mobile equipment. Chevron is leveraging its strengths and building on its capabilities to help drive progress at the speed and scale necessary to meet the world’s goals. The Texaco range of e-fluids will help our customers achieve emissions reduction goals and implement e-mobility solutions.”