Maintenance /Production Engineering Training

Proper lubrication is recognized as one of the front-line defenses against equipment failure. When properly and correctly lubricated, machinery lasts longer, sudden breakdowns are eliminated and equipment failures are significantly reduced if not completely eliminated.

Lubesafrica offers specialized training courses on lubricants and lubrication field. Courses can be designed to meet customer’s specific needs, at a variety of levels for technical and engineering staff. The courses can be formal or informal and on or off customer’s premises. The courses aim to provide customers with knowledge and information about fuels and lubricants. They also cover the selection and application of the correct lubricant to maintain equipment.

For us to ensure that your staff are properly and completely conversant with lubrication properties and problem areas, Lubesafrica offers a range of training programs to complement planned maintenance schedules.

The following training programs are offered:

• Fundamentals of lubrication
• Product Knowledge.
• Equipment lubrication and greasing.
• Products, storage and application
• Safety Health and Environment Concerns in use of lubricants and greases