Lubrication Survey and Chart

Lubesafrica’s Technical Services Department undertakes lubrication surveys for its customers. These involve:

•The inspection of the customer’s plant and equipment.
•The provision of a detailed listing of the lubrication requirements of the plant and equipment.
•Recommendations of lubricants to use.
•Advice on the use of the products and drain intervals.
•Storage and handling of lubricants and greases.
•Product descriptions and specifications for the customer.

The survey provides the customer with a document relating to the lubrication requirements of his plant called the lubricant chart. The survey also highlights which lubricants the customer should stock, thus preventing him from becoming confused when too many products are held in stock. Lubrication surveys can be supplied on computer disk or in an attractive presentation folder. They are all stored electronically, making them easy to update.

This will be done by our Lubrication Engineers along with your plant and workshop personnel and then recommend the Lubricants based on the following parameters:

•Original Equipment Manufacturers Recommendation
•Operating conditions and Environment.
•Lubesafrica expertise and local experience.
•Specialty recommendations.