Shell launches upgraded motor oils 

Shell Lubricants has launched three new products under its Shell Helix Ultra passenger car motor oil brand?to meet upgraded industry specifications and original automotive manufacturer (OEM) requirements. 

Shell Helix Ultra ECT C6 0W-20 and Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3/SP 0W-40 will be launched in China and Europe in the second and third quarters of 2024, respectively, before being rolled out in other markets. Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3/SP 0W-30 is already available in China and will be launched in Europe in the third quarter, ahead of a rollout in other markets. 

Jason Wong, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Lubricants, said: “Shell Helix motor oil is the number one global brand in the passenger car lubricants market, and we have now raised the bar even further by launching three new Shell Helix Ultra products. The new products meet upgraded industry specifications and OEM requirements, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and technology leadership. They enable customers to unleash more engine power?and achieve better fuel efficiency, offering them ultimate engine performance.” 

Shell highlighted that test results show that the new Shell Helix Ultra products enable customers to increase engine power by up to 1.8%, increase the responsiveness of their engine by up to 3.4%, and achieve better fuel efficiency of up to 4%. The field trials also demonstrate that the new products enable customers to keep their engines as strong and powerful as new engines, running up to 200,000km, whatever the driving conditions.?