Shell launches carbon-neutral lubricant range

Shell has partnered with Hyundai Motor Company to launch a new range of Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon-neutral lubricants. Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon-neutral lubricant delivers ultra-high performance and energy-efficient and produces lower emissions. Shell has followed a three-step process to make this product carbon neutral:

Reduce emissions through a sustainable initiative

The sustainable packaging is made from up to 40% PCR (Post-Consumer Resin) / recycled plastic in Shell Helix Ultra 0W bottles. Since 2016, Shell has reduced the carbon intensity of its lubricants manufacturing by over 30%, while over 50% of the electricity used in its lubricant blending plants now comes from renewable sources.

Quantify emissions from a lubricant life cycle

Shell accounts for all the CO2 emissions created across Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon neutral lifecycle, including raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution, usage and end-of-life treatment.

Offset emissions with nature-based carbon credits

They are compensating the product’s remaining CO2 emissions with nature-based carbon credits from Shell’s global portfolio.

“As a part of our ongoing commitment to creating more sustainable product options, we invest heavily in lubricants research & development. This leads to innovation supporting our customers’ evolving needs without compromising quality and performance. We are proud to have worked with Hyundai to launch Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon neutral, a lubricant that is guaranteed to deliver higher performance and smoother driving, all while helping you improve your net carbon footprint,” said Shell.