SAIT awards outstanding professionals in the field of tribology

The South African Institute of Tribology (SAIT) held its annual awards dinner on 10th November 2023 to acknowledge and celebrate excellence and hard work in the field of tribology. SAIT is a professional body based in South Africa that offers technical knowledge transfer through technical meetings and mini-seminars on topics of interest in the lubrication and materials, such as wear of materials, bearings, gears and condition monitoring.

SAIT offers four annual awards to worthy recipients. These awards are divided into four categories: The Louw Alberts Award, Best Technical Achievement Award, Best Technical Presentation Award and SAIT Student Award. 

Dave Scott received the Louw Alberts Award for outstanding contributions to the field of tribology over the years. This award is not always rewarded and is dependent on the availability of a worthy recipient. FUCHS Lubricants South Africa was awarded the Best Technical Achievement Award. Leroka Selepe received this award. The Best Technical Presentation Award was awarded to Steven Lumley for her presentation titled “Engine Killers”. Hendrik Masenya received the SAIT Student Award for his research and achievement in the field of tribology as part of his postgraduate studies. 

SAIT carries out plant visits and international tribology conferences every three years with local and international guest speakers and authorities in the various fields of tribology. In addition, SAIT offers training courses which were introduced on the principles and technology of lubrication and materials. Over 3,500 students have attended the courses so far.