RUBiS rolls out Castrol branded lubricants in Zambia

RUBiS Energy Zambia has rolled out Castrol branded lubricants into the market as part of their commitment to offering quality, innovative and high-performance products. The lubricants will serve across the various market segments including Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Marine and other specialized applications.

RUBiS Energy Zambia Managing Director, Vincent Fleury said, “As a purpose-led brand, we aim to consistently pioneer and deliver innovative products such as Castrol lubricants which anticipates and meets customers’ needs. This culture helps us to shape the way we do business today even as we take the time to understand the challenges our customers are facing, and seek partnerships to achieve better solutions.”

RUBIS will provide access to datasheets, training for mechanics and technicians whenever it’s required and rebate programs to help make it as easy and affordable as possible for them when recommending Castrol to customers. “The best mechanics care about the oil that goes into their customers’ cars and motorcycles. They understand that not every 0W-20 or 10W-30 is the same because engine oil is more than just a commodity,” said Vincent Fleury.

Founded in 1990, Rubis is an independent French operator specializing in three business areas: the distribution of petroleum products (service station networks, commercial fuel oil, aviation fuel, LPG, bitumen, etc.), with operations in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa through our subsidiary Rubis Énergie.

Rubis is now a major player in the fuels distribution business in Zambia. In 2019, the company acquired the assets owned and operated by Kobil, and later Samfuel in 2020.