Porsche and Mobil 1™ jointly launch new motor oil

Porsche AG the German automobile manufacturer based in Zuffenhausen, Stuggart Germany and Mobil 1™ the manufacturers of automotive and industrial lubricants and a wholly-owned subsidiary by ExxonMobil have jointly launched a new synthetic motor oil line.

The three new products are Mobil 1™ C20, C30 and C40 and they have a low-ash technology formula that extends the service life of the particulate filter device in the exhaust system. They also cater to more stringent emission policies, enhances engine protection and improved fuel economy. The co-branded motor oil is sold in over 100 Porsche Centres across China as stated by the two companies in a press release.

“One of the main features of Porsche’s after-sales service is the use of original components aligned with Porsche’s global uniform standards, to ensure that everything meets Porsche’s strict engine requirements for pursuing ultimate performance. Whether on the road or the race track, the high-performance lubricant Mobil 1™ has contributed significantly to help Porsche forge ahead in creating a period of legendary history,” said Mr Fabio Stoelzel, Vice President After Sales of Porsche China. “The co-branded motor oil launched by Porsche and Mobil 1™ will thoroughly enhance the superior performance of our engines and set a new benchmark for the industry. We look forward to protecting every trip taken by Porsche customers via our continuous and solid cooperation with ExxonMobil.”

“Porsche is one of our most significant and strategic partners. Over the years, as the factory fill and recommended service fill for Porsche engines, Mobil 1™ has always aided Porsche sports cars to achieve cutting-edge performance. And we will continue to provide Porsche owners with superior protection in the future,” said Mr Richard Yue, ExxonMobil China Investment Co. managing director.

Porsche has been in partnership with ExxonMobil since 1996.