Phillips 66® Lubricants launches e-ShieldTM line for electric vehicles

Phillips 66® Lubricants has announced the launch of Phillips 66 e-Shield, high-performing lubricant solutions to optimize electric vehicle performance and protection. e-Shield is a new line of products, including system fluid, grease and coolant, designed to fulfill the unique needs of electric vehicles.

“Years of development and testing resulted in the technology behind the e-Shield products that deliver optimal performance for electric vehicles,” said Chundi Cao, Phillips 66 Senior Engineer. “We are constantly working to develop products that will meet the needs of an evolving market, and our new e-Shield line is no exception.”

The e-Shield line offers excellent thermal and conductivity properties that keep electric vehicles protected while running cooler and longer per charge, unique formulations specifically to enhance performance in electric vehicles and modern proprietary formulations that enable optimized protection and extended driving range.

Scott McQueen, Phillips 66 Manager, Lubricants Research & Product Management said, “Through OEMs-independent evaluations, the Phillips 66 e-Shield EV system fluid outperformed other fluids by extending the driving range of vehicles. The e-Shield product line demonstrates the continued innovation of Phillips 66 and our dedication to providing energy for the future.”

Phillips 66 Lubricants manufactures and markets base oils and three lubricant brands:
Phillips 66®, Kendall® Motor Oil, and Red Line® Synthetic Oil. These products reach market sectors like automotive, trucking, agriculture, aviation, power generation, mining, and construction.

For more information, visit www.Phillips66Lubricants.com