Nynas launches metalworking and lubricants base oil compliant with FDA regulations

Swedish-based Specialty Oils manufacturer, Nynas has unveiled NYNAS S 3B as the latest base oil on its portfolio. According to the company, the new base oil is distilled from selected crude streams with unrivaled know-how of high purification technology and hydrotreatment, thus making it unique in the market.

“NYNAS® S 3B is a highly refined base oil that meets FDA B requirements, which defines the requirements of the food packaging industry, with virtually no aromatic content and no odour and with a flash point well above 100°C,” said Dr. Gaia Franzolin, Nynas Global Marketing Manager, Naphthenics.

“It is a base oil designed for applications where a high flash point and narrow boiling point ranges are important for safety and performance,” added Professor Thomas Norrby, Senior Specialist Lubricants at Nynas“NYNAS® S 3B will find its place in industrial applications including aluminum cold rolling, thin sheet stamping and some forming, for example in the canning industry.

In a statement, Nynas noted that the higher flash point combined with very good solvency also makes NYNAS S3 B useful in metal removal applications like grinding, honing and lapping and that other application may be found in low-viscosity industrial lubricants, including spindle oils.

NYNAS S 3B has been reported to offer several advantages over paraffinic oils, such as excellent low-temperature properties and superior solvency.

The company stated that they had listened to customers’ needs and concerns as part of what drove them to introduce the new product to the market. “Remaining committed to providing consistent and high-quality specialty naphthenic oils worldwide, we are making NYNAS S 3B available on a global basis through our supply and distribution network,” concluded Dr. Franzolin.