NNPC Retail diversifies, launches petrol, diesel engines lubricants

NNPC Retail Limited, the downstream and petroleum products marketing subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC confirmed its investment and diversification into the lubricants segment of the industry, with the launch of six lubricating oils for petrol and diesel engines. Speaking at the launch of the products in Abuja, Managing Director of NNPC Retail Billy Okoye stated that the lubricants were a product of intense research and testing, and was designed taking into consideration the needs of motorists and environmental factors.
Okoye stated that the lubricants were wholly produced in Nigeria, adding that in line with its culture of quality and excellence, NNPC Retail sourced the additives for the lubricants from the best additive companies in the world.
According to him, the NNPC lubricants were formulated using carefully selected world-class base oil and performance additives to give all-year-round excellent performance in normal and arduous engine working conditions. He said, “Our marketing intelligence showed us that Nigerians were yearning for their own national lubricants, one they can call their own. We found that most of the problems motorists were having on Nigerian roads were as a result of poor maintenance of their engines and we found that poor maintenance was as a result of the lubricants used and we also found out that most lubricants used were not to the satisfaction of Nigerians.

As a part of the effort of touching the lives of Nigerians, we are introducing this range of NNPC lubricants. The NNPC lubricant business was conceived many years back, but we took our time to come up with the best, so we took our time to go into research and come up with the best formulation, quality assurance, quality control processes, field test, branding, designing, among others to ensure that we give Nigerians the best lubricants.

The product was unveiled in November 28, 2019, but as is the standard in the industry, after the unveiling, the next step was to go into a series of test to confirm that what we unveiled was not only marketable, but is also useable. These series of tests were carried out from December to February and we are proud to announce to Nigerians that the lubricants have been successfully tested and certified.”

He stated that the high performance lubricating oils, tagged, ‘Nitro Diamond’, ‘Nitro Gold’, ‘Nitro Super 40’, and Nitro 2’ engine oils for various types of petrol engines and ‘Rhino X’ and ‘Rhino HD’ for diesel engines, would be available for purchase immediately at the over 600 NNPC Retail outlets across the country, accredited dealers and mechanic workshops all over the country.

Okoye added that during the formulation stages, NNPC Retail ensured that measures were put in place to prevent adulteration of the products. “It is in fact difficult to fabricate the molds and NNPC Retail logo is etched in not less than four places unto the plastic package itself. There is an induction seal, there are tamper proof opening on the caps, the labels are made of superior poly materials, and the design on labels have intricate colour mix and separation. “Also, the distribution and sales would be done via credible establishments with high level of integrity. We also have after-market monitoring for periodic scanning, to assess product for sale and identity if any misconduct has occurred,” Okoye insisted. Also the Lubricants Manager, NNPC Retail, Engr, Haruna Abdurahman noted that the current products were automotive lubricants, to be used both for vehicles and for protecting equipment and machineries, such as generators and other light, middle and heavy duty machinery and stationary equipment in the industrial sector.