Neste introduces NEXBASE 4+ base oil made with renewable raw materials

Neste has launched NEXBASE 4+ base oil, which is made with renewable raw materials. This becomes the latest addition to the Group III+ NEXBASE™ range of base oils.

The new base oil allows lubricants manufacturers to formulate demanding global OEM lubricants that can contribute to improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, better machine durability and wear prevention while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Commenting about the new product, Ed Potter, Head of Specialty Products Neste said, “Over time, our customers have been asking when we shall launch a base oil that can help them formulate low-viscosity and low-volatility engine oils. NEXBASE 4+ is that product because it can be a replacement for Polyalphaolefin (PAO). Therefore, our customers can have confidence in NEXBASE 4+ to cater for their needs.”

“NEXBASE 4+ base oil is a go-to product for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint because 60% of the molecules are manufactured with renewable raw materials. Our new addition to Group III+ base oils has been manufactured to meet strict European OEM specifications,” said Kari Kulmala, Technical Product Manager, Neste.