The Lubezine is a quarterly magazine with an estimated print order of over 3,000 copies which are distributed free of charge to the key players in the lubricants industry. Advertising in the Lubezine magazine ensures a guaranteed reach to a target market within the East Africa business hub.

The magazine reaches the following personnel in the lubricants  industry:-

  1. Maintenance/Engineering personnel in manufacturing, transportation, mining, marine, agriculture and power generations sectors.
  2. Lubricants marketers and producers.
  3. Lubricants equipment and packaging material suppliers.
  4. Technical training institutions.


  • Copies are distributed directly to maintenance engineers, oil companies, lubricant manufacturers and dealers.
  • Assured reach to the desired target market since readers cut across all SEGs and copies are free.
  • The Magazine has very long shelf life and an expected readership of at  least 30 readers per copy
  • Cost effectiveness as our rates are reasonable
  • Association with a strong brand with many loyal customers
  • The Lubezine  vision is to be one of the finest complimentary magazines in the lubricants and lubrication industry.

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