LUKOIL extends lubricants supply partnership with Daimler AG

LUKOIL Group and the German automotive manufacturer Daimler AG have expanded their partnership of LUKOIL lubricants being the first fill lubricants for Daimler engines for premium passenger cars in Europe and Eastern Asia.

LUKOIL will expand the product range of engine oils delivered to Daimler in Europe and China to include the low viscosity LUKOIL GENESIS engine oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines of the automotive producer per one of its newest first fill specifications. The new product provides reliable engine protection and improved fuel efficiency compared to the previous generation said LUKOIL.

LUKOIL further added, “The two companies have been in a partnership since 2015. LUKOIL engine oils supplies to the partner’s manufacturing plants of gasoline and diesel engines of premium cars in Germany, Poland, China and Russia have been at the centre of the collaboration between the two companies. In addition, LUKOIL delivers industrial oils for technological equipment as well as gasoline and diesel fuel for the vehicles manufactured at the Russian plant of the automotive concern.”

Daimler is among the leading manufacturer of premium and luxury cars, and commercial vehicles. Some of the brands are Mercedes-Benz, FUSO among others.