Lubrication Engineers (SA) partners with Umuzi Engineers

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa has partnered with Umuzi Engineers to tap the potential in new markets. Colin Ford, Managing Director at LE South Africa, says that Umuzi Engineers will operate as an independent contractor to LE South Africa, supplying its quality lubricants into clients in eSwatini and South Africa.

Menzi Ntshingila, Director at Umuzi Engineers, explains that he initially approached LE South Africa as part of another venture. He was hoping to use some of the company’s space to store and process recycled materials. He was also interested in solutions for handling waste materials onsite, and LE South Africa happened to be in the process of creating an “oil-eating” clean-up kit (OSE II). “We realized synergies existed and through that conversation, we started to explore the potential of a relationship,” he says. “The lubrication industry was unfamiliar to me, but I realized the potential it offers and the value of the products and services Lubrication Engineers provides, hence an opportunity to build a partnership.

“Umuzi Engineers is a solutions-based company that aims to help businesses reduce operating costs over the long term. Better lubrication solutions are one way of doing this, and so that is where we are focusing first, and then Umuzi Engineers will look to expand to robotics and natural gas at a later stage,” added Menzi Ntshingila. Umuzi Engineers is based in eSwatini, but also services clients in South Africa. The two companies believe that the relationship will help them enter new markets and geographies, providing LE’s premium, best-in-class lubricants and lubrication systems.

“LE South Africa is proud to partner with Umuzi Engineers and excited to see how this relationship grows,” says Ford. “It opens new doors for us in Swaziland and beyond.” “LE South Africa has been pivotal in introducing Umuzi Engineers to a new opportunity in the lubrication space, and in providing insights into the workings of the industry and support on their products and solutions,” says Ntshingila. “It has been a long lead time to build the knowledge we will need to service this market effectively, but I believe 2020 will start to yield the results of our efforts.”