Lubes Africa Ltd launches MaintenancePro Africa

Lubes Africa Ltd, publisher of Lubezine Magazine, has launched MaintenancePro Africa (MPA), which provides lubrication and maintenance advice as well as reliability training. MPA was established to provide responsive maintenance and lubrication optimization solutions and training in Africa.

MaintenancePro Africa helps organizations make the best use of their assets strategically and efficiently while improving the overall health of their assets, resulting in increased efficiency and return on investment (ROI). MPA also analyzes and examines an organization’s current health, performs vulnerability analysis, and ultimately provides solutions that improve asset and process reliability, improve maintenance and safety. operations and reduce downtime and failures.

Some services offered include maintenance, lubrication consultancy, and reliability training.

Maintenance consulting includes optimizing asset reliability, setting maintenance goals and key performance indicators, optimizing inventory, optimizing spare parts, and optimizing life property, among other purposes.

Lubrication consultancy services include a lubricant survey, identification of all equipment lubrication points in the plant and the actual lubricant used, root cause analysis based on oil analysis, recommendations and lubricant selection, and lubricant storage design.

The training will include courses on lubrication reliability and maintenance. Some courses in lubrication cover lubrication fundamentals, contamination control, lubrication Survey and Charting, lubrication failure modes analysis, and lubricant selection and storage. Maintenance courses include advanced maintenance data-driven decision support, failure and failure root cause analysis, Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), safety engineering and management, and many others.

For inquiries, write to: info@maintenancepro.africa

To find out more about MaintenancePro, visit https://maintenancepro.africa/