LSI Chemical appoints NanoTech Petroleum as South African additives distributor

LSI Chemical, manufacturer of additives for oil and lubricant industries has appointed NanoTech Petroleum based in South Africa to be its official distributor of the entire line of LSI Chemical fuel and oil additives and the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret products for diesel engines in South Africa.

LSI President, Todd Cawley, said, “our goal is to become the premier international leader of fuel and oil additives in the world. Our use of cutting-edge nanotechnology for all lubricants and innovative fuel additive technology significantly makes lubricants and fuels better and this will now be available for not only South Africa but for the entire continent. Our unique processes with nanotechnology opened this door and we look forward to a long and mutually productive relationship. This is an exceptional opportunity for both LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret to building a foothold in South Africa to improve fuel and oil quality both at the refinery level and retail.”

NanoTech Petroleum Managing Director Gerard Mohamed said, “we believe that the fuels and lubricants market in South Africa is yearning for effective solutions and enhanced overall efficiencies beyond current traditional offerings. It is our sincere conviction that the LSI Chemical additives can provide those packaged solutions based on its nanotechnology as a distinct differentiator, with proven benefits of friction reduction, excellent detergency, better fuel economy and extended component life.”