Kawasaki Introduces a New Line of Kawasaki Performance Oils

Kawasaki has announced the launch of a new line-up of Kawasaki Performance Oils (KPO). The new KPO product line-up consists of industry-leading products designed and tested for Kawasaki engines. The product line-up consists of O 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils and 2-stroke motorcycle engine and gear oils offered in full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional forms.

KPO full synthetic 4-stroke oil has been formulated to provide the ultimate clutch feel and durability and maximum engine lubrication while offering protection over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, including high RPM, high temperatures, and extreme cold temperatures.

KPO semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil offers the engine and bearing wear protection and prolonged engine life through engine cleanliness and reduced oil volatility. KPO conventional 4-stroke engine oil provides piston cleanliness to help prevent deposit and ring sticking and camshaft wear protection for long engine life. It’s available in several options, including 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50.

KPO semi-synthetic 2-stroke racing oil provides good performance in racing environments with prolonged engine life and power with ash-less detergent and dispersant technology. The oil also protects the engine from deposits, hot spots, and corrosion.