Infineum M8220: Now approved for INNIO’s Jenbacher J624H steel piston engines

Infineum M8220 is now approved for INNIO’s Jenbacher J624H steel piston engines, which also provides coverage for Jenbacher Series 6, 4, 3 and 2 aluminium piston engines operating with natural gas. This additive technology is TPP free and specifically formulated for the more severe operating environment of high-efficiency stationary gas engines.

Field-proven, Infineum M8220 demonstrates superior performance in these more demanding conditions, ensuring operations continue smoothly by delivering in the key areas of viscosity management, oxidation control and base number retention.

These performance attributes provide superior cleanliness, top-tier wear protection and the confidence to extend drain intervals longer than equivalent oils on the market, reassuring owners that the engine condition remains uncompromised.

Aurélie Grange-Chivrac, Regional Market Manager said, “OEMs are introducing new natural gas engines which differ considerably from their predecessors. They operate at significantly higher temperatures and pressures, consequently placing higher demands on the lubricant. The risk is that oil life is significantly decreased, and deposit build uptrend is more extreme, ultimately leading to increased engine downtime and rising maintenance costs. So, we’re delighted to be able to offer this additive package with Jenbacher’s latest approval.”