Infineum launches new transmission fluid additive

Infineum has launched a new wet dual-clutch transmission fluid additive that is suitable even for hybrid vehicles. The new additive improves reliability, anti-shudder ability, and boosts fuel efficiency.

According to Infineum, field trials for the new additive technology have been conducted in China and Germany since mid-2019. The field trials include 10 vehicles equipped with 4 typical wet DCT models from major European and Chinese OEMs, including hybrid and oil cooling versions. Using a combination of road conditions, including inner-city and highway, they tested the performance in real and challenging conditions for 100,000km without an oil change, and the oils were sampled and analyzed along with the field trials.

“From the used oil analysis and transmission inspection and rating in SWRI and ISP, our new technology demonstrates superior protection, excellent cleanliness, and minimum deterioration or wear,” said Infineum in a press release.