IMCD holds a lubes additives conference in Nairobi, Kenya

IMCD Kenya, a chemicals distributor, recently conducted a Lubricants and Energy Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, with one of its key principals, Lubrizol, a leading producer of additives. The conference brought together lubricant blenders, sellers in the market, and senior officials from IMCD and Lubrizol. The conference aimed to pass knowledge to the Kenyan market about quality additives and the Lubrizol additives that the Kenyan market can get from IMCD.

The conference started by looking at the African market and its expected growth rate in the coming years. Driven by increased vehicle numbers and a growing industrial segment, lubricant demand is expected to continue growing in Africa. Additives are an integral part of lubricants, and during the conference, Lubrizol discussed various products that will be available for the East African market.

Lubrizol supplies additives for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as for metalworking fluids. Other finished fluids that are available locally are brake fluids, transformer oils, heat transfer fluids, and specialized blends.

IMCD has a global partnership with Lubrizol that has grown over the years, and there have been significant successes. For example, IMCD has significantly grown the Lubrizol portfolio and distribution in India. This is also the case in North America, Europe, and Africa. Apart from the lubricant additives, IMCD offers other complementary products, such as fuel additives, dyes for engine oils, automatic transmission fluids (ATFs), greases and component additives, Group IV and Group V base oils and PAOs, and specialty products for the mining segment.

More information about the conference and products available will be in the June edition of Lubezine Magazine.