GS Caltex launches a biodegradable saw oil, Kixx Chain BIO

Kixx, the lubricant brand of GS Caltex, is expanding its bio-based lubricant product line to include the new Kixx Chain BIO’, a biodegradable machine saw oil based on plant-based base oil, in which 98% of the constituent materials are bio-based.

The new product is made using fatty acids extracted from rapeseed, palm, soybean, and sugarcane, making it easily decomposable. It also has the European Union’s ‘EU Eco-Label’ certification, which requires high environmental standards with low ecotoxicity, bioaccumulative properties, and excellent biodegradability. The ‘EU Ecolabel’ is a rigorous certification that can only be obtained by-products that minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution, and disposal.

Regarding Kixx Chain BIO’, GS Caltex said, “We will continue to do our best to provide sustainable solutions to all industries that require lubricants by developing products that minimize the impact on the environment and contribute to carbon reduction. We are the first domestic lubricant brand to launch a bio-based machine saw oil.”

Due to the nature of sawing machines used for logging, after completing the lubrication function, sawing oil is not returned to the reservoir inside the saw but flows out to the outside or sticks to sawdust and soil and is absorbed into the ground.

GS Caltex has also launched other biodegradable lubricants: the Kixx RD BIO product, an industrial biodegradable hydraulic oil, and Kixx BIO1, an engine oil made from base oil extracted from renewable plant raw materials, mainly for industrial and automotive use.