FUCHS set to launch new cutting and grinding fluid

FUCHS has announced its plan to launch a new cutting and grinding fluid in its ECOCOOL range of lubricants which has more than 10 products for various functions. ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000; the new lubricant is a globally-approved water miscible cutting and grinding fluid designed specially for the Aerospace Industry.

Alex Holmes, UK Industrial Product Manager, said: “Customers have reported up to 43% reduction in tooling costs when using the latest ECOCOOL ‘Global’ platform with existing tooling. Greater savings can be realised when tools are optimised for the process. In other studies, tool life increases of up to 150% have been recorded.

In the FUCHS UK R&D laboratory, cutting speeds have been increased to provide real benefits in productivity whilst maintaining excellent tool life. The rate of metal removal can also be increased. Results have indicated a 16% increase in cutting speed is possible.”

He added, “We are looking forward to lifting the lid on our latest product – ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000. This is set to be the most innovative fluid yet to be introduced into the market. Our experts will be on hand to discuss this new OEM-approved product as well as our comprehensive range of metalworking process fluids and services.”

As stated in the press statement, FUCHS also offers quality monitoring services through the introduction of its FLUIDS LIVE system.  FLUIDS LIVE is an easy to navigate web-based recording, tracking and reporting tool with integrated KPI measurements. FLUIDS LIVE provides real time data showcasing the current condition of fluids in use.

Within two hours of the collection of data under FLUIDS LIVE, information can be updated and production professionals able to make informed decisions on maintenance scheduling, production planning and other operational activities.

Alex said: “The feedback we are getting back from the customers who are utilising FLUIDS LIVE is extremely positive. It helps determine which machinery is working most effectively and highlights any that are not functioning to their capacity.

We use our own internal department to design the software and produce bespoke versions for each customer, some of which can be set up in a matter of days. We will provide the optimum lubricants settings for operators which best suit the needs of our customers, giving real flexibility to the many different maintenance management packages available.”

He continued, “The whole idea is to obtain information from measurements such as oil sampling and vibration monitoring and to ensure asset care is being maximised. It’s all designed to cater for increasing skill shortages and to take the guess work away, resulting in a hugely significant saving for manufacturers. Using the data in the right manner will allow for improved inventory control, reduced and simplified waste management activity and accurate analysis of fluid consumption by any machine, cell or process.”

With the new ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 cutting and grinding fluid and the lubricants quality monitoring system; FLUIDS LIVE, FUCHS is working towards helping tool maintenance, championing for tools long life and ultimately promoting operational costs saving.