FUCHS merges its two businesses in Germany

The German subsidiaries FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH from Mannheim and FUCHS LUBRITECH GMBH from Kaiserslautern have merged into one company as of June 3, 2022, and will operate under the name FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY in the future.

Stefan Fuchs, CEO of FUCHS PETROLUB said, “the vision of the FUCHS2025 journey is ‘Being first choice’, i.e. being the first choice for our customers, business partners and future employees. We are convinced that the merger into ONE high-performance organization is an important step towards fulfilling this vision.  The merger will enable us to create an even better, customer-focused organization while setting the stage for profitable growth and a unified global view of our business.”

The merger will allow FUCHS to systematically expand its focus on targeted market segments in Germany and to optimally utilize and expand the strengths of both sales organizations in terms of added customer value. Three main objectives are being pursued:

One face to the customer

The merger will enable the company to present a “One face to the customer” within the market

segments and thus respond more effectively to the specific needs of customers, offer a full range of products and expand its solution-oriented approach.

Join forces

The strengths of two successfully operating companies are pooled and ensure coordinated work between all business units as a basis for further profitable growth in the target markets.

Optimizing processes

Optimized processes enable a more intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, harmonized workflows and thus a faster response to customer and market requirements.

In 2021, FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GmbH generated sales of just under €800 million with around 1,000 employees and operates four production sites. FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH generated sales of €140 million with about 350 employees and operates two production sites. Together, the new company has over €900 million in sales and almost 1,400 employees. The new company has six production sites: Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Bremen, Kiel, Dohna and Wedel.