ExxonMobil and INNIO jointly launch lubricant for Jenbacher gas engines

ExxonMobil and INNIO are have announced the launch of Jenbacher N Oil 40 lubricant for all INNIO’s Jenbacher* Type 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 natural gas engines.

According to the two companies, Jenbacher N Oil 40 has been formulated to provide increased engine uptime and enhanced engine reliability, extended and longer drain intervals without compromising the protection of critical engine parts and components. The new lubricant has also been tailored to take care of the ever-evolving lubrication needs of natural gas engines.

Andreas Kunz, Chief Technology Officer at INNIO Group said, “we have evaluated Jenbacher N Oil 40 in a long-term, multi-site testing programme with different situations (e.g. a German university, a Russian factory and a greenhouse facility in the UK). The high-performance lubricant was tested and validated over several Jenbacher engine types under the most demanding circumstances. The new oil has demonstrated its capabilities in each to help optimise oil consumption, reduce waste and lower spare parts costs.”

“ExxonMobil and INNIO engineers focused on INNIO Jenbacher gas engines lubrication requirements in more than 160,000 hours of field data across multiple engine platforms. This contributed to the development of the new Jenbacher N Oil 40 that helps to double both oil and filter life. In addition, operators will appreciate that this one lubricant can be used in the entire Jenbacher natural gas engine portfolio and therefore can optimise inventory costs for operators with multiple types of Jenbacher engines,” said Elisabetta Scossa, Europe Energy Manager of ExxonMobil.

This launch comes after the two companies signed a long-term extension of their global lubricants collaboration agreement for INNIO’s Jenbacher Type 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 natural gas engines.

For more information visit: www.innio.com/en