Eurol launches two engine oils for heavy-duty applications

Eurol introduces the Geo-Max FE 5W-20 and the Geo-Max SA 5W-30, fully synthetic engine oils formulated for modern heavy-duty applications.

The Geo-Max FE 5W-20 has a low viscosity, developed explicitly for MAN and Scania engines where MAN M 3977 and Scania LDF-5 specifications are prescribed. MAN and Scania have been part of the Traton Group for several years. In the development of engines and transmissions, there is close cooperation and the new oil specifications from both truck manufacturers are often similar. This is also the case for the MAN M 3977 and Scania LDF-5 oil specifications.

The MAN M 3977 specification is specially developed to reduce fuel consumption, pollution, and CO2 emissions in the new MAN Euro VI-D engines. A low viscosity class and a lower HTHS value are essential to make these savings possible. The Scania LDF-5 specification has been prescribed for EURO VI Scania engines for several years. Due to the low viscosity grade, the MAN M 3977 specification and the SCANIA LDF-5 specification are incompatible with older specifications.

The Geo-Max SA 5W-30 also provides fuel savings in modern truck engines and meets the American standard API FA-4 and the Mercedes MB 228.61 specification based on it. Both products are available in a 5-liter bottle, a 20-liter bag-in-box, and a 210-liter drum.