Eunisell Nigeria calls on lubricant blenders to uphold product quality

Specialty chemicals producer, Eunisell Limited, has urged manufacturers of poor quality lubricants to improve on the quality of their products, saying their actions have a negative impact on the industry and the economy at large.

The company restated its commitment to developing the lubricants arm of Nigeria’s downstream sector to bring it up to world class standards.

The Group Managing Director, Eunisell, Mr. Chika Ikenga, was quoted to have said at an industry event that the company would continue to partner top-flight foreign companies in ensuring that its customers enjoyed the best of manpower and technological support in lubricants and allied fluids’ production.

According to the statement, industry players condemned the prevalence of inferior lubricants in the country, stating that substandard engine oil formulations were deficient in additives.

“The players implored lubricant companies to intensify efforts in enlightening Nigerians on what makes a good automotive lubricant, so as to avoid buying the fake ones,” the statement added.

According to Ikenga, engine oil is basically made up of base oil and additives, and the additives that Eunisell provides are of core importance to manufacturing highly effective lubricants for automotive and industrial applications.

He described the company as the first to market and distribute high-end lube additives locally.
“Eunisell is unarguably the largest supplier of lubricant and fuel additives in Africa, and provides this solution to most of the big names in the industry. We don’t manufacture lubricants, but we are reputed as a company that supplies the most effective additives to lubricant blenders and producers”, Ikenga added.
He said the company had been supplying specialty chemicals and key fluids to a wide range of customers since 1996, and had grown to become a big source of lube and fuel, with equipment in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Ghana.